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Amazingnovel Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School – Chapter 1861 – It Is Qu Linan unbecoming fork suggest-p2
Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

NovelReincarnation Of The Businesswoman At SchoolReincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School
Chapter 1861 – It Is Qu Linan system flag
“Great, let me know his telephone number and lender greeting card amount,” stated Gu Ning.
Following that, Gu Ning left behind.
Right after inquiring the inquiries she essential to consult, Gu Ning transformed around wandering away from the living room. When they couldn’t see her, she got out ropes to tie up them up. After that, she went aside and had out a computer through the telepathic eyesight s.p.a.ce. She migrated the noted online video in the laptop computer then replicated it in to a USB flash drive.
Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School
“Right, captain. Considering the fact that that women reported this video clip, she must still need it in their own hands and wrists. If you ensure that is stays solution, she’ll definitely uncover it. Then…” another policeman stated with fantastic stress.
Soon after going back to the cops station, Zhou Renyu used the recording kept in the USB flash drive.
Today, a law enforcement officials official through the 5th crew with the Haicheng Section General public Safety Bureau, Captain Zhou Renyu, directed six policemen to get rid of the six suspects who had been tied up by Gu Ning, together with the Usb memory card over the coffee desk.
And then, Gu Ning left.
While not amaze, Gu Ning experienced the two cultivators chased immediately after her right away.
5 minutes down the road following Gu Ning known as the law enforcement, law enforcement arrived at the villa.
Since there wasn’t enchanting electrical power on Gu Ning’s system at this point and also there had been a lot more persons operating within the nights, each cultivators didn’t imagine there were nearly anything wrong together with her.
Following that, Gu Ning got out her telephone and delivered these phones K. She instructed him to see that number’s data from one half this past year.
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Essentially, the six suspects already accepted it, so it needs to be reality.
“Tell me the complete day and put,” mentioned Gu Ning.
Immediately after asking the problems she necessary to check with, Gu Ning switched around strolling out of the living room. Every time they couldn’t see her, she required out ropes to tie up them up. And then, she walked aside and got out a notebook in the telepathic vision s.p.a.ce. She shifted the saved online video into your notebook then copied it to a USB display disk.
When Gu Ning referred to as law enforcement officials, she said that she experienced position the Usb memory card with all the suspects’ confession in the espresso family table, in order that they recognized exactly what it was.
Because there wasn’t awesome electrical power on Gu Ning’s physique at this time there had been countless other people today working in the night, the 2 cultivators didn’t think there was nearly anything drastically wrong with her.
Following going back to the authorities station, Zhou Renyu enjoyed the recording trapped in the Usb memory card.
Afterward, Gu Ning needed out her cellphone and directed these people to K. She told him to find out that number’s information from one half this past year.
They believed it turned out poison at first, however their tough limbs soon tranquil.
Zhou Renyu never imagined that Qu Linan would do this kind of vicious factor, but they ended up relatives after all. Most of all, he could attain his place now relying upon Qu Linan, so he possessed to talk with Qu Linan regarding this to view the things they needs to do following.
Next, Gu Ning left.
Provided their air flow, Gu Ning evaluated their level wasn’t significant.
Truly, the six suspects already admitted it, so it must be the simple truth.
Five minutes in the future following Gu Ning referred to as the law enforcement officials, the authorities found the villa.
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Gu Ning also cautioned them. “Don’t try and refute everything you informed me just now right after coming to law enforcement station. I’ll be aware of you the entire time. Once you refute it, you will just be murdered whether or not you’re launched.”
Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School
Gu Ning didn’t have time to discover who these folks were, and she was afraid they can may get in the villa, which may destroy her system. For that reason, she went towards another route discharging wonderful chance to attract them.
Additionally, these were confused about how she discovered that these men were the murderers of Fu Yongliang’s loved ones.
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This villa wasn’t their own, but Qu Linan’s. Given that they do awful deeds for Qu Linan, Qu Linan permit them to remain here.
Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School
The guy then read the cell phone number Qu Linan employed to get hold of him and his banking institution credit card number. Gu Ning kept in mind them just after hearing it when.
“Captain, if another people see out, we won’t have the capacity to maintain it mystery. It will bring about hassle for us also,” a policeman reported. He recognized that Zhou Renyu and Qu Linan were definitely linked, so Zhou Renyu wanted to defend Qu Linan, but he felt it wasn’t advisable.
The man then look at the mobile phone number Qu Linan accustomed to make contact with him and his awesome banking institution card amount. Gu Ning valued them right after ability to hear it as soon as.
However, although their muscles comfortable, they still couldn’t relocate simply because Gu Ning tied up them program ropes.
Gu Ning ran into a darker area, then took off her coat, cap, and face mask before tossing them into your telepathic attention s.p.a.ce. Before too long, she halted relieving enchanting strength and went to the side in the street beyond the hinder. From then on, she jogged returning to the track she just originated in, acting being operating during the night-time.
Gu Ning happened to run to your dimly lit put, then had off her coating, cap, and cover up before putting together them into your telepathic eyes s.p.a.ce. After some time, she quit issuing enchanting potential and went to the side on the road outside the block. Following that, she ran directly back to the track she just originated in, pretending to generally be working from the night-time.
Following returning to law enforcement station, Zhou Renyu enjoyed the video kept in the Usb memory card.
She then set the notebook computer into the telepathic vision s.p.a.ce before jogging back to the living area and placing the USB flash hard drive for the espresso table.
Having said that, she obtained only walked from the villa for roughly 10 m when she noticed two cultivators not not them. Other than, these people were quickly getting close to her.
“Do one has any data?” expected Gu Ning.
“Don’t convey to any individual regarding this for the moment. Can you recognize?” Zhou Renyu immediately aware the police officials of his organization.
“He required us to complete a few other stuff for him.” The guy stated, “T-Ninety days back, Qu Linan loved a B-listing celebrity known as Ni Aijing. He shared with us to capture her to make sure that he could rape her, but she strongly declined, s-so Qu Linan killed her by mistake. Her entire body was thrown in the wilderness.”

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