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Dragon King's Son-In-Law

NovelDragon King’s Son-In-LawDragon King’s Son-In-Law
Chapter 686 – One On One strong feeble
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In a rush, a fantastic blade still acquired from the shadow of Su Han’s longsword and trim opened her slender bluejeans!
Every one of the sword energies were combined with each other and tossed at Taiyi Cave Expert like a enormous package of steel bars.
The keep-like prize jogged into Hao Ren’s sword energies and blasted them into portions!
Hao Ren was simmering with rage and golf shot out numerous sword energies!
He would certainly work with the Demon-Conquering Pestle to destroy the Paradise-Achieving s.h.i.+eld since second option wasn’t willing to surrender!
A glowing keep-like thing flew away from Taiyi Cave Master’s chest muscles.
Right away, a gold blade still bought over the shadow of Su Han’s longsword and reduce open up her slim trousers!
The dark trousers out of the blue got tore a part, displaying Su Han’s lower-leg.
Presently, nobody was sure they are able to aid Hao Ren. Determined by their realms, they will be knocked away easily whenever they made a decision to guide, kind they make an effort humiliating themselves ahead of the other dragon palaces?
Taiyi Cave Grasp didn’t need to squander electricity on chasing a point 4 spirit beast, so he required lower back the Master Kong pestle immediately.
The selection was in a clutter just now, and everyone ran out from the collection. Grandmother looked at Hao Ren at this moment, so she requested without delay.
Zhao Guang pointed out that Hao Ren was getting something, which meant he enjoyed a cards up his sleeve. Consequently, Zhao Guang didn’t allow Lu Qing go.
“Watch out!” Hao Ren yelled when he spotted Taiyi Cave Master made around all of a sudden.
Zhao Yanzi was usually clumsy, but she was clever under this
The Ruler Kong pestle and longsword made a heaven-trembling racket. The Master Kong pestle acquired bounced back while Su Han’s longsword flew back as well.
The Ruler Kong pestle and longsword crafted a paradise-shaking disturbance. The Master Kong pestle have bounced again while Su Han’s longsword flew rear also.
He was worried that this would have further hard work if he murdered Hao Ren accidentally while Hao Ren didn’t have those three factors on him.
Tiny White colored rolled over and placed Su Han about the gra.s.s next to the lake. Then, it roared and taken a fireball while traveling by air toward Taiyi Cave Learn.
Within the instantaneous when Taiyi Cave Master hesitated, the hundun super launched by Hao Ren got already gotten to him.
He was nervous so it would consider more hard work if he killed Hao Ren accidentally while Hao Ren didn’t have those three issues on him.
Su Han also seen that this cherish was unusual, so she obtained all her ability to drive her natal dharma jewel, the longsword, to fight against it.
A golden keep-like object flew out of Taiyi Cave Master’s chest.
Taiyi Cave Master didn’t wish to spend power on chasing after a stage 4 soul beast, so he took lower back the Ruler Kong pestle without delay.
Thanks to her Ice-cubes Frost Scroll, her skin was all engrossed in a thin part of frost. The fantastic blade minimize through her bluejeans and sliced up over the frost tier but didn’t injure Su Han.
“You still wish to resist under this I won’t injured you should you produce three of the stuff that I want,” Taiyi Cave Master continued.
“What?” The style on Taiyi Cave Master’s experience considered impact he felt that Su Han’s prize wasn’t nearly anything typical.
A superior psychic jewel was exceptional sufficient, not to mention the combat between two supreme psychic treasures!
In a rush, a glowing blade still acquired with the shadow of Su Han’s longsword and reduce start her lean pants!
“Watch out!” Hao Ren yelled as he spotted Taiyi Cave Grasp transformed around out of the blue.

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